Balochistan:Thousands of residents of Kalmat Chundi Hore are to be expelled from their ancestral lands

January 26, 2010

Pasni: The Pakistan government has decided to build a Naval Base in one of the historical regions of Gwader known as“KALMAT CHUNDI HORE”, it has been decided that 30,000 Kilometres area of the said region have been included to the map of Naval Base. A large number of residents of the region will have to shift to other locations because of the government’s decision; it also feared that thousands of fishermen will lose their jobs as their work areas will be occupied by Pakistan Navy.

The historical region of Gwader and Pasi (Kalat Chundi Hore) is not only a place for high quality Prawns and other different sort of fish but it is also a breeding place for prawns. Every year millions Rupees worth Prawns and fish are exported from Kalat Chundi Hore to Karachi and on International market. Sources said that if the government of Pakistan decides to go ahead with their plan to build the Naval Base this will cause thousands of fishermen to lose their jobs. The residents of the areas appealed to the President and PM of Pakistan and the Governor and CM of Balochistan to cancel their plan of building the Naval Base in Kalat Chundi Hore, in order to save thousands of Baloch fishermen from losing their jobs and to save the historical region from being shifted to another location.

Source: Daily Tawaar


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